Program Agenda and Virtual Access

Programming Timeline (times subject to confirmation)

April 19, 2023
TimeSession NameDescriptionSpeaker(s)TrackTypeDay #
6:00 AMVirtual Only – Oh Hell No! How to Slay your Inner Imposter  (Pre-recorded)To be providedStar KhanSupport ServicesPre-recorded and available on-demand through the Virtual Conference4/19/2023
6:00 AMVirtual Only – OverDrive Stands with Libraries: Access, Advocacy, Always Advancing. (Pre-recorded)Discover key enhancements and innovative solutions that are helping libraries reach and engage more readers, including Libby updates, new content offerings, ARPA tools in Marketplace, diversity audits and more.Kate ConnellPublic LibrariesPre-recorded and available on-demand through the Virtual Conference4/19/2023
6:00 AMVirtual Only – Presenting to Your Board of Directors. (Pre-recorded)This session will provide practical communication strategies, development of messaging that resonates, ways to use supporting data, inclusion of stakeholder groups, and relationship-building tips that participants can use in preparing board of director presentations. Participants will share ideas to address staffing, budget, and other critical need issues as topics of board presentations. School librarians will focus on advocating for students while public librarians will learn strategies to deliver a powerful presentation to their board of directors. Attendees will leave with practical plans of messaging to rejuvenate board members with re-imaginings for their school or community library program.Deb Kachel, Christie KaalandSchool LibrariesPre-recorded and available on-demand through the Virtual Conference4/19/2023
6:00 AMVirtual Only – Teaching with Unique Collections: Innovation in Liberal Arts PedagogiesLibrary instruction at is changing. More and more courses are taught in libraries themselves. Now bibliographic research is less a skill used to understand material taught but the subject itself. These modules focus on unique library holdings. These may be special collections in modules that center the book as a material witness to history, or they may be digital services departments, as students work to gain skills to work with large datasets. Increasingly central to liberal arts education, the library becomes a laboratory for the humanities, giving students the chance to get hands-on, practical experience.Hannah Crumme, Ethan Davis, Zoe Maughan, Crystal WillerAcademic LibrariesPre-recorded and available on-demand through the Virtual Conference4/19/2023
9:00 AMPreconference – Book Mending  (In-person only)Learn how to assess a book that needs to be repaired, go over the various vendors that supply book repair items, and provide hands-on time to actually repair a book. Learn what type of supplies to keep on hand and how to use them and different ways you can protect your books as you are processing them to help them last longer. Bring a few books from your library to mend during the session. Participants will also be given a supply kit with basic sample supplies to help them with book repairs. It will be a great time of learning more about an important skill that you can use in your library.
Sponsored by Support Staff Division (SSD)
Connie EdgarSupport Services DivisionIn-person only4/19/2023
9:00 AMPreconference – Rethinking Dewey. (In-person only)“It is the way we’ve always done it” – it is a common response to so many questions. It is a response that many of us cringe when we hear it. Yet it is the exact response we give when we ask, why do you use the Dewey Decimal System. It is the way we’ve always done it. And what if there is another way? What if you could make a system that was easily understood by the masses? A system that is equitable and easily browsable? I’m here to say, there is a way, and it isn’t the “way we’ve always done it.” After an presentation at the conference center, attendees of this preconference will provide their own transportation to the Deschutes Public Library to see this work in action. Session organizers will help connect anyone without a car at the conference to carpooling options.
Sponsored by Technical Services Rountable (TSRT)
Emily O’Neal, Casey CheneyTechnical ServicesIn-person only4/19/2023
9:00 AMState Library Board MeetingLibrary SupportersIn-person + streamed live + recorded for future viewing4/19/2023
12:00 PMLunchBox lunch option available to vendors and conference goers.All ConferenceIn-person only4/19/2023
1:00 PMOLA Board MeetingAll ConferenceIn-person + streamed live + recorded for future viewing4/19/2023
1:00 PMPreconference – Rethinking Dewey. (In-person only)It is the way we’ve always done it” – it is a common response to so many questions. It is a response that many of us cringe when we hear it. Yet it is the exact response we give when we ask, why do you use the Dewey Decimal System. It is the way we’ve always done it. And what if there is another way? What if you could make a system that was easily understood by the masses? A system that is equitable and easily browsable? I’m here to say, there is a way, and it isn’t the “way we’ve always done it.” After an presentation at the conference center, attendees of this preconference will provide their own transportation to the Deschutes Public Library to see this work in action. Session organizers will help connect anyone without a car at the conference to carpooling options.
Sponsored by Technical Services Roundtable (TSRT)
Emily O’Neal, Casey CheneyTechnical ServicesIn-person only4/19/2023
1:00 PMPreconference – Tribal History/Shared History: Programming and Resources (In person + streaming + recording)All Oregonians can benefit from understanding the vast diversity of the Oregon Native American experience. K-12 schools statewide are implementing the new Tribal History/Shared History curriculum that offers historically accurate, culturally embedded, contemporary, and place-based curricula developed in partnership with the nine federally recognized tribes in Oregon. How can your programs and materials align with and support this effort? Join your peers to learn how libraries can partner with, better serve, and celebrate Indigenous people and cultures.
Sponsored by Children’s Services Division (CSD) and Oregon Association of School Libraries (OASL)
Mia JacksonChildren’s Services DivisionIn-person + streamed live + recorded for future viewing4/19/2023
6:30 PMPublic Library Division Reception and Expedition Happy Conclusion. (In-person only)Kick off the conference in the company of your library colleagues! Eat, drink, toast the winner of this year’s Pearl Award, and celebrate the adventurers who took on Expedition Happy, PLD’s 2023 fundraiser. You can even try our signature cocktail, the Expedition Happy Elixir! Each registration includes a drink ticket and heavy hors d’oeuvres.Public LibrariesIn-person only4/19/2023
April 20, 2023
TimeSession NameDescriptionSpeaker(s)TrackTypeDay #
8:30 AMKeynote and General Session – Conspirituality: What Conspiracy Theories in the Wellness Industry Can Teach Us About Combating MisinformationDerek Beres is a multi-faceted author & media expert based in Portland, Oregon. He is the Senior Editor at Eco & co-host of the Conspirituality podcast. He is the co-author of Conspirituality: How New Age Conspiracy Theories Became a Public Health Threat (Public Affairs / Random House Canada, June 2023), and is currently writing a book on male body dysmorphia. Derek’s work has been featured in the NY Times, LA Times, Harper’s Bazaar, and Rolling Stone, as well as on Good Morning America, The Daily Show, and PBS Newshour.Derek BeresAll ConferenceIn-person only4/20/2023
10:00 AMExhibit Hall Grand OpeningBreak time with no conflicts. Do join us in the Exhibitor Hall and visit with our vendors for the OLA 2023 Conference.4/20/2023
11:00 AMA Conversation About Empathy  (In-person only)A panel of Oregon library leaders will talk about the importance of empathy, including some tips and practices to grow your own empathy.
Sponsored by Leadership Committee
Max RobinsonLibrary ManagementIn-person only4/20/2023
11:00 AMCollaborating for Summer Success   (In-person only)Oregon libraries maximize summer programming with collaboration, and there is plenty of opportunity to do so! Three libraries will share how they expand summer reading programming possibilities for kids and families in their region by collaborating with other libraries.
Sponsored by Children’s Services Division (CSD)
To be announcedChildren’s ServicesIn-person only4/20/2023
11:00 AMLibrary Services to People Experiencing the Carceral System and Those Reentering. (In-person + streaming + recording)Does your library prioritize lifelong learning and promoting literacy? If so, then it’s time to bring those initiatives to patrons who are incarcerated. Low literacy is linked to incarceration and recidivism while access to higher education has been shown to reduce recidivism by 43%. Even so, in Oregon only 6% of the prison budget is dedicated to education! Libraries can play a crucial role in increasing equity and dismantling mass incarceration by providing adults and youths in custody access to books, information, literacy programs, and by forming community partnerships that remove barriers for those recently released.Trevor Walraven, Enrique Rivera, Jody RediferDiverse CommunitiesIn-person + streamed live + recorded for future viewing4/20/2023
11:00 AMMeeting Communities: A Bookmobile Dream. (In-person only)Hood River County Library has come a long way in the last 11 years after closing in 2009 and reopening in 2010. In the city of Odell, our staff has gone through various outreach efforts and programs. From the trunk of cars, to a library express bus, pop up libraries, to a lending library bus, back to the trunk of our cars, and finally raising funds through our own community and state grants to purchase our very own bookmobile. Now that our bookmobile has arrived we see the difference it’s already making within our community. Take a tour of bookmobile and learn about the steps we have taken to make this dream a reality!Rachael Fox, Yeli Vargas-BootsOutreach ServicesIn-person only4/20/2023
11:00 AMReading for Access and Inclusion (Streaming + recording)In the US, over 20% of our population has at least one condition that makes reading a printed book difficult or impossible. Whether they have blindness, arthritis, dyslexia, or some other condition, many people would benefit from accessibility technology if librarians knew what is available and how to use it. The IMLS-funded Reading for Access and Inclusion Project developed a training manual so librarians can quickly learn accessibility technology. It covers: Basics of accessibility technology Reading systems Accessibility features from library vendors, e.g., OverDrive, Hoopla, ProQuest and more.Peyton StaffordDiverse CommunitiesStreaming live + recorded for future viewing4/20/2023
11:00 AMRefresh Your Small Business Outreach and Support with Oregon’s Statewide Library Resources. (In-person + pre-recorded)If your library wants to do more to support small business development and economic growth in your community, the statewide resources provided by the State Library of Oregon can help! Business reference can be daunting but with easy-to-use resources like Gale Business: Insights (with an enhanced new look) and Gale Business: Entrepreneurship, you and business professionals spend less time searching and more time connecting their discoveries to practical applications. Join us to learn how these resources can support your outreach efforts and enhance your impact with your small business community.Stacey Knibloe, Arlene Weible, Liisa SjoblomAdult ServicesIn-person + pre-recorded and available on-demand through the Virtual Conference4/20/2023
11:00 AMReimagining Service to Tweens: The Hows and Whys of a Young Teen Collection. (In-person only)When you read a fantastic Grades 5-8 review in School Library Journal, what collection does that book go in to at your library? Several libraries have created Young Teen collections to meet the need of readers stuck in the middle between children’s and Young Adult. Come hear why we are passionate about these new collections from 3 different libraries with 3 different approaches. We will share options and steps so you can create a Young Teen collection at your library. These collections mostly include fiction and graphic novels but also include audiobooks, DVDs, Playaways, and games.
Sponsored by Oregon Young Adult Network (OYAN)
Barratt Miller, Sandy Carson-FitzGerald, Victoria Campbell, Rebecca MayerTeen ServicesIn-person only4/20/2023
11:00 AMSeeking Immortality: Storytelling Using VR to Preserve Native American Language and Culture. (In-person only)The Seeking Immortality project is a funded IMLS Native American Enhancement grant between two academic libraries, a school of information, and a Native American tribe. The project goals are to preserve the Northern Cheyenne language and culture and share them through interactive storytelling in virtual reality. The project seeks to immortalize the language and culture of the Northern Cheyenne for future generations to experience and learn from. Our story will include 3D interactive images of the Northern Cheyenne tribe, their modern daily life, and the oral traditions of their past, all within an interactive and educational virtual environment that children and adults of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy.Samantha Barnthouse, Gabriella Bates, Jon Oakes, Michele Atwater, Dr. Anthony ChowDiverse CommunitiesIn-person only4/20/2023
12:30 PMLunch and OLA Annual Business Meeting. (In-person only)All ConferenceIn-person only4/20/2023
2:15 PMLibrary Programs with Museums. (In-person only)Looking for a fun, easy program to offer kids, teens and families? Try working with a museum or outdoor educator! Learn more about what is currently being offered around the state. Each participating organization will have a hands-on activity you can learn during the session and take back to your library. Participating organizations include the University of Oregon’s Museum of Natural History and Culture, Discover Your Forest (non-profit arm of Forest Service), and more.
Sponosred by Children’s Services Division (CSD)
Jennifer KnightChildren’s ServicesIn-person only4/20/2023
2:15 PMReframing Failure: How to Keep Calm and Carry On. (In-person only)This session for library programmers is about reframing how we look at “failures” and how we as staff can learn from our “mistakes,” give ourselves grace, and create a more realistic understanding of what it means to lead programs in libraries.
Sponsored by Oregon Young Adult Network (OYAN)
Caitlin McMahanProgramming and ServicesIn-person only4/20/2023
2:15 PMReimagining Library Services. (In-person only)Five public libraries will present 25 ideas (and some extras!) to help inspire attendees to think about new and different ways to provide library service. While the ideas can be replicated, the intent is to help spark the imagination and creative process. The presentation will include ideas that cover the following categories: improving staff morale, breaking down barriers, exploring unique partnerships, making invisible changes, and the value of taking risk (which sometimes means finding failure). Ideas from the audience will be captured passively in an “idea jar” during the program and shared at the end of the panel presentation.Glenn Ferdman, Kim Carroll, Ashlee Chavez, Hillary Ostlund, Will O’HearnLibrary ManagementIn-person only4/20/2023
2:15 PMRoots Up Community Engagement with Seed Libraries and Library Gardens  (In-person + pre-recorded)Learn how to build a robust seed library on a small budget. A seed library can build food security in your region, increase access to produce, and expand library program offerings. Ours started with a few donated seeds in a plastic tub. Now, our seed library has 500 varieties and a digital inventory. We’ve created a library garden that provides programming opportunities as well as produce for our community. We’ve distributed thousands of seeds, many pounds of produce, and forged strong new partnerships in the local food community. Join us to learn how you can rejuvenate gardening in your community!Lisa Power, Susan CacklerProgramming and ServicesIn-person + pre-recorded and available on-demand through the Virtual Conference4/20/2023
2:15 PMStorytelling & The Decolonization of Academic Research Libraries. (In-person + streaming + recording)The Dean of the Kraemer Family Library (KFL) and the inaugural Storytelling professor will discuss their innovative efforts to decolonize and diversify their programs, collections, and information overall, through the art of storytelling and the digital exhibitions and corresponding story maps. The founding of this novel program will be discussed which includes the endowment of a storytelling professor, storytelling contests, events, and the digital curation and celebration of all KFL created content, as well as the emphasis on centering the narratives and lived experiences of their diverse community through storytelling.Dr. Ilaheva Tua’one, Dr. Seth PorterAcademic LibrariesIn-person + streamed live + recorded for future viewing4/20/2023
2:15 PMWords Matter – Rethinking LCSH. (In-person)Language matters, words matter, phrases and terms all matter! I am here to discuss changes you can make within your bibliographic data to add more inclusive language for your customers. This session will go through the process for choosing new terms, as well as the partnership with Backstage Library Works to enact the change. This session goes into detail the collaboration between the library and their partner vendor, Backstage and how you can enact significant change to make your catalogs more inclusive.
Sponsored by Technical Services Roundtable
Emily O’Neal, Casey CheneyTechnical ServicesIn-person only4/20/2023
3:30 PMBreak – No conflict timeIt is encouraged during these times, if you have not visited the Exhibit Hall to visit with vendors, check out OLA Unit tables and posters that may be available, now is the chance to do so.All ConferenceIn-person only4/20/2023
4:00 PMCareer Advancement by Staying Put  (In-person + streaming + recording)Have you realized that no matter how many vacations you take, you cannot bring back the enthusiasm you used to feel for your job? Instead of burnout, is it possible that you have put ambition over wellbeing? Or do you feel pressure to advance when you love what you are doing now? Join a recovering administrator as she uses her own life to explore the larger idea of advancement as the measurement of success in life and career. In a society where success equals worth, it is time to change the narrative around career advancement.Laurin ArnoldLibrary ManagementIn-person + streamed live + recorded for future viewing4/20/2023
4:00 PMMental Health Matters: Brainstorming Library Mental Health Services for All Ages  (In-person only)Join us for a facilitated discussion around mental health advocacy in the library! We’ll discuss and share ideas on incorporating mental health concepts into programming for all ages, providing equitable mental health services at the library, and designing library spaces through a mental health lens.
Sponsored by Oregon Young Adult Network (OYAN)
To be announcedProgramming and ServicesIn-person only4/20/2023
4:00 PMNorthwest Digital Heritage: Exploring & Celebrating Partnerships. (In-person only)Northwest Digital Heritage is a unique, cross-state, inter-agency partnership that is helping bring digital heritage collections from Oregon & Washington libraries and museums to a wider audience. Learn about the program’s current successes and future goals and how Oregon libraries can explore partnerships around digital collections with museums and other heritage organizations in their own communities.Ross Fuqua, Katie HenryPublic LibrariesIn-person only4/20/2023
4:00 PMQueer Lit for Tweens to Adults. (In-person only)Materials portraying queerness across a wide spectrum of everyday life are crucial to truly represent all of our community members. Panelists will share booktalks highlighting recent LGBTQIA+ representing books for tween, teen, and adult readers.
Sponsored by Oregon Young Adult Network (OYAN) and Children’s Services Division (CSD)
April Younglove, Annie Greenewood-Sprague, Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney, Le Button, Alyssa CokinisDiverse CommunitiesIn-person only4/20/2023
4:00 PMReimagining Job and Small Business Services for the New Normal: From Pandemic Chaos to Bright Futures. (In-person only)In October 2020, Multnomah County Library created a Workforce Development team as a response to increased unemployment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Two years later, we have a thriving service that seeks to provide culturally specific, multigenerational, holistic, accessible, and trauma-informed services to job seekers and entrepreneurs. Come learn how we developed these services, formed community partnerships and reacted and responded to an ever-changing world to create meaningful and impactful Job and Small Business Program/Department.Tara Nash, Enrique Rivera, Lori MooreOutreach ServicesIn-person only4/20/2023
4:00 PMThe ABCs of Streaming Media in Instruction: Faculty Needs and Library Support  (In-person only)In 2022, Carly Lamphere and Elsa Loftis from the Portland State University Library took part in the largest national study to date regarding streaming media in the academic library through Ithaka S+R. They met with Film Studies and Social Work faculty and conducted one-on-one interviews to explore how faculty use streaming media as part of their pedagogy, and how well the library is supporting them. Carly and Elsa will discuss what came out of those conversations in the context of the broader national study, and what we’re doing locally to address faculty and student needs for streaming media.Elsa Loftis, Carly LamphereAcademic LibrariesIn-person only4/20/2023
4:00 PMWhat We’ve Kept: Share and Learn What Pandemic-Driven Mods are So Great We Decided to Keep Them!Out of the pandemic chaos we launched new library services and staffing options that are proving to have staying power! The new staff skills and community needs that evolved from a couple of unique years opened us up to some interesting future possibilities. The North Plains Public Library is hosting a participative session to share “what we’ve kept” and hear the same from other libraries.  (per Robin’s agreement, she will be revising session description)Christina Lee, Robin Doughty, Bakul Godbole, Brianna SowinskiProgramming and ServicesIn-person only4/20/2023
5:15 PMAll Conference Reception  (In-person only)Come unwind and chat with colleagues or meet new friends at the All Conference Reception. Many of our exhibitors will also be available.  Enjoy conversation, beverages and snacks as we rekindle, rejuvenate and reimagine where we are going the coming year or years.All ConferenceIn-person only4/20/2023
6:00 PMOYAN Hangout and AwardsMeet up with other library workers who serve teens and celebrate the winner of the Oregon Young Adult Network’s You’re Excellent Award (OYEA!)OLA Meet UpsIn-person only4/20/2023
7:00 PMVirtual Bingo with Poison Waters  (Streaming live only)Poison Waters is not just a personality. Poison is an experience!! Whether dressed as Poison Waters or her alter ego Kevin Cook, they are both captivating and one of a kind! For over three decades Poison has been having tons of FUN entertaining from countless stages throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. She has been coordinating, participating in and hosting an endless docket of benefits, revues and shows for various local, regional and national charities. She has been recognized and rewarded for her community service, raising awareness, and providing entertainment to such charities as Cascade AIDS Project, Dress for Success Oregon, the Make a Wish Foundation, Human Dignity Coalition, Oregon Humane Society and the American Heart Association. Poison has received the Ray C. Snively Award, The Assistance League of Greater Portland’s National Operation School Bell Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Court System, a Hero of HIV Award and the Red Ribbon Award from the Coalition for AIDS Awareness just to name a few. The booking invitations never stop! Highlights have been appearances with Pink Martini, repeat segments on AM Northwest, opening for Storm Large at her Holiday Ordeal, Drag Queen Storytelling at Multnomah County Libraries, and in 2022 celebrated her 13th anniversary recurring role in Oregon Ballet Theater’s The Nutcracker. Hundreds of thousands have enjoyed her wit, charm and beauty! When she is not enjoying her time hosting events and fundraisers or traveling the globe, she is the co-hostess at the legendary Darcelle XV Showplace where she has been wildly popular for 33 years. 2023 will mark the 23rd  year volunteering with summer camps for children whose lives have been affected by HIV. Poison, as Kevin is the Camp Director for Cascade AIDS Projects’ Camp KC (Kids Connection). During the Covid 19 global pandemic, Poison went virtual, bringing her Drag Queen Bingo, Drag Queen Storytime and event hosting to thousands of new fans all over the world. Whatever the title, event, cause or venue, one thing remains the same: the important bond between Poison Waters and her audience. She remains, “the smile on the face of Portland.” www.poisonwaters.comFun Activities & EntertainmentStreaming live only4/20/2023
April 21, 2023
TimeSession NameDescriptionSpeaker(s)TrackTypeDay #
7:00 AMEvelyn Sibley Lampman Award Breakfast (In-person only)Join us for the announcement of the Evelyn Sibley Lampman Award winner. The award was established in 1982 to honor a living Oregon author, librarian, or educator who has made a significan contribution to Oregon in the fields of children’s literature and library services.Children’s ServicesIn-person only4/21/2023
7:00 AMSSD Breakfast  (In-person)Join other Support Services Division members for a casual, no-host hangout at the McKay Cottage Restaurant, 62910 O. B. Riley Rd #340.OLA Meet UpsIn-person only4/21/2023
7:30 AMUnit Business MeetingsOLA Meet UpsIn-person only4/21/2023
8:45 AMAre You Laying Bricks or Building a Cathderal?  (In-person only)The story of the three bricklayers at a cathedral is an analogy that tells of big picture thinking, a positive attitude, and a clear sense of how each person fits into the greater mission. Learn how the McMinnville Public Library used creative visioning and telescoping tools to involve all 22 members of the staff in creating and delivering the library strategic plan, thereby improving volunteer engagement, safety, organization, and library marketing. Staff members collaborate across work groups and understand how each role contributes to “building the cathedral.”Kimbre Hanson-Rodriguez, Jenny BergLibrary ManagementIn-person only4/21/2023
8:45 AMFeed Them and They Will Come? Reaching Teens in Small and Rural Communities  (In-person only)Join us for a facilitated discussion around rural teen library services! We’ll be brainstorming what works and what doesn’t when it comes to providing teen services at small and rural libraries. What programs have done well (and which ones have flopped)? What works when it comes to outreach and marketing? Get ready to share your ideas and experiences, because chances are you are not the only librarian wanting to compare notes.
Sponsored by Oregon Young Adult Network (OYAN)
Katie Fischer, Stephanie RubelTeen ServicesIn-person only4/21/2023
8:45 AMFostering Readers: Research-Based Literacy Activities for K-3rd Graders. (In-person only)Explore research-based strategies for supporting K-3rd graders who are learning how to read and get ideas for starting your own literacy program. Learn from one of the creators of the Fostering Readers resources, a librarian who used the resources to implement a virtual literacy program during the pandemic and continued with in person programming with the children and their families, and a librarian partnering with an elementary school to implement Camp Big Read—an in-person summer program for struggling readers based on Fostering Readers. Prepare to participate!
Sponsored by Children’s Services Division (CSD)
Holly Campbell-polivka, Susan Cackler, Katie AndersonChildren’s ServicesIn-person only4/21/2023
8:45 AMLight Movement and Breathing with Derek Beres  (In-person Only)Community Health and SafetyIn-person only4/21/2023
8:45 AMRekindling International Opportunities During Challenging Times. (In-person only)Explore international opportunities for librarians as a way to share your knowledge and expertise while learning about library practices in another culture. The International Relations Round Table will present a panel discussion of current and future international exchange possibilities.  Attendees will hear about the Horner Library Staff Exchange Program with Fujian Province, China; Libros for Oregon (Spanish book buying program at the Guadalajara International Book Fair); working abroad as a librarian; and conducting research/working for an American university in a country outside the US. (revised 12/30/22)Le Yang, Laura Kimberly, Lara Seven Phillips, Brandon BarnettAcademic LibrariesIn-person only4/21/2023
8:45 AMSummer Reading: What Is It Good For?  (In-person + streaming + recording)This is the spot if you’re wondering any of the following: Why do we do summer reading? How does summer impact kids, teens, and families in our state? How does my library fit into the bigger picture of summer for Oregon families? What’s our vision for summer in our community? Are we accomplishing what we want to? Join a panel of Summer Reading experts to learn more.
Sponsored by Children’s Services Division (CSD) and Oregon Young Adult Network (OYAN)
Lisa Elliott, Greta Berquist, Dena ChaffinChildren’s ServicesIn-person + streamed live + recorded for future viewing4/21/2023
8:45 AMThe Weird and Wonderful World of Circulating Unusual Library Materials  (In-person only)Camping gear, bear canisters, musical instruments, craft kits, projectors, tools, and so many more non-traditional library materials are all popular at the small Port Townsend Public Library. Learn how to get started with building, storing and maintaining your own unusual library materials collection. This session will share what we’ve learned over the last five years, plus look at what other libraries are doing in our region with this growing trend.Keith DarrockProgramming and ServicesIn-person only4/21/2023
10:00 AMBreak – No conflict timeIt is encouraged during these times, if you have not visited the Exhibit Hall to visit with vendors, check out OLA Unit tables and posters that may be available, now is the chance to do so.All ConferenceIn-person only4/21/2023
11:00 AMAdvocacy Made Easy: OLA’s 2023 Legislative Agenda and What You Can Do to Help! (In-person + pre-recorded)We all know that advocacy for strong libraries is important, but it can be hard to know where to start or how to take action. Join OLA’s Lobbyist, Tess Milio, and members of OLA’s Legislative Committee to learn more about current OLA efforts to strengthen libraries during the 2023 Oregon Legislative Session. We will also lead you through some easy, practical steps for taking action during the conference!
Sponsored by OLA Library Development and Legislative Committee (LDLC)
Tess Milio, Kim Olson-Charles, Jeremy SkinnerLibrary SupportersIn-person + pre-recorded and available on-demand through the Virtual Conference4/21/2023
11:00 AMAttack of the Pod People: A Crash Course in Podcasting. (In-person + streaming + recording)There’s a reason podcasts have become so popular. They’re accessible, entertaining, educational, and a surprising way to build communities of people over long distances. Should your library have its own podcast? Join the hosts of Toledo Public Library’s The Free Bin and Coos Bay Public Library’s Swords and Starships as they tell the origin stories of their podcasts, discuss the practicalities of recording and publishing episodes, and share lessons learned to guide your journey into the podcasting world. There will be plenty of room for Q&A and discussion because this presentation will be recorded and published as a very special episode!Joshua Whitty, Brittney Buxton, Harrison BakerProgramming and ServicesIn-person + streamed live + recorded for future viewing4/21/2023
11:00 AMHow I Learned to Love Legal Reference and You Can Too.  (In-person + pre-recorded)Legal questions strike fear into the hearts of most library staff, but it doesn’t have to be that way. After years working in public libraries, the presenters shifted almost overnight to law librarianship. Our previous work prepared left us ill-prepared for legal research. We’ve discovered, though, that we don’t need to do legal research for people, we need to do legal reference. Come learn the difference between the two and leave empowered with a new ability to help your patrons along with key resources and tips to answer questions, defuse tense interactions and find people the help they need.
Sponsored by Legal Reference Roundtable
Brittany Young, Jennifer PedersenOutreach ServicesIn-person + pre-recorded and available on-demand through the Virtual Conference4/21/2023
11:00 AMNext Level Storytime (In-person + pre-recorded)You are an experienced storytime presenter who loves talking with families about literacy tips and tricks. You enjoy finding just the right picture book for that social-emotional learning need. If necessary, you could create a storytime at the very last minute. This session is for you if you are looking to level up with new ideas, you want to be intentional about incorporating early literacy best practices into your programming, you have been doing storytime for at least three years, or you need a crash course surrounded by a wealth of experience because you need to get to this level NOW! There will be plenty of opportunities to share and learn together, so be ready to dive in!Monica HoffmanChildren’s ServicesIn person + has agreed to pre-record for the virtual conference4/21/2023
11:00 AMReimagine Leadership While Managing Staffing Challenges. (In-person only)Join us for a brief presentation and moderated panel discussion with Library Management and staff. The panel will discuss the current labor market and the impact on library operations. Panelists will share personal perspectives, strategies and evidence to navigate staffing and operational challenges that contribute to staff engagement and retention.Heidi Powers, Zoe Shumacher, Cathy Zgraggen, Mayra CornLibrary ManagementIn-person only4/21/2023
11:00 AMStark Raving OYAN: Books Talks for the 2023 Book Rave and 2021 Graphic Rave. (In-person only)Oregon Young Adult Network members deliver snappy, exciting booktalks that highlight some of the best recent young adult fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novels, as chosen by Oregon librarians working with teens. This session highlights why you might want to buy and suggest these books to teens and adults who read YA and also read them yourself! Ravers top things off by revealing a super-secret list of “Ravers Choice” recommendations of ultra-current and not-yet-published titles worth watching for. Links to PDFs of the lists are provided so they can be passed on to patrons.
Sponsored by Oregon Young Adult Network (OYAN)
Katie Patterson, Lisa Elliott, Sonja SomervilleTeen ServicesIn-person only4/21/2023
11:00 AMUsing Social Media Data to Inform Decision-Making Processes. (In-person only)This session is for those who want to take their social media presence a step further. Information covered will include the how-to of pulling data from major social media platforms, learning what it means, analyzing it, and using the analysis to inform decisions in future content and in library projects. We’ll discuss what kind of data staff might want to pull and what they might want to leave out.Sadie VervilleLibrary ManagementIn-person only4/21/2023
12:30 PMAwards LunchAll ConferenceIn-person only4/21/2023
2:00 PMDeath, Aging, and Talking About the Taboo. (In-person only)Demographics are shifting creating an increased need for services for older adults. To serve the interests of our aging population, Beaverton City Library and Forest Grove City Library partnered with Washington County Disability, Aging and Veteran Services to provide unique community-building programs using a World Café model. One example is Death Café, which is a group-directed discussion on the philosophical and practical aspects of death and dying. This presentation will provide a blueprint for café model programming, which is scaleable for different sizes of library.Robert Abbey, Beth Gilbert, Kera MagarillAdult ServicesIn-person only4/21/2023
2:00 PMGreat Teen Advisory Groups: See How They Run. (In-person only)Teens with a heart for service can be a tremendous asset to your library. Whether you call it a Teen Advisory Board or Teen Action Group or by another name, allowing teens to have a voice, develop their skills, and actively support your library is valuable to you and to them. Come gather ideas for how to form a teen group or perk up an existing program. We’ll share stories and best practices from a variety of libraries and send you back to your library ready to harness the energy of enthusiastic teens.
Sponsored by Oregon Young Adult Network (OYAN)
Vanessa Clausing, Rachel Timmons, Mark Richardson, Sonja SomervilleTeen ServicesIn-person only4/21/2023
2:00 PMOregon Youth Author Fair: Part 1. (In-person only)Meet Oregon authors who write for children and teens! Authors and illustrators from across the state will be featured in this open house, author-fair style program that gives you a chance to talk directly with authors, get books signed, and learn more about what is happening locally with children and young adult literature.
Sponsored by Children’s Services Division (CSD)
Greta BerquistChildren’s ServicesIn-person only4/21/2023
2:00 PMOvercoming Imposter Syndrome: Leading with Radical Acceptance. (In-person only)Everyone has feelings of falling short. It doesn’t take much – hearing of someone else’s accomplishments, being criticized, getting into an argument, making a mistake – to make us feel that we are not okay. Radical Acceptance involves recognizing situations that are outside of our control and accepting our strengths and weaknesses with compassion. Radical Acceptance doesn’t mean that we are non-reactive to challenges. Instead, we can use that acceptance to overcome challenges and become more self-aware. This session will teach how to radically accept what comes in our lives so we can overcome our feelings of inadequacy.Patrick BodilyLibrary ManagementIn-person only4/21/2023
2:00 PMTelling Your Story with Data (and Not Accidentally Lying). [In-person + streaming + recording)Libraries generate an incredible amount of data around collections, services, and patrons, but what do we do with all these data? This presentation covers examples of how to leverage data and visualization tools to inform decision making and measure success. It also highlights some easy to make data missteps.Jessica GagnonLibrary ManagementIn-person + streamed live + recorded for future viewing4/21/2023
2:00 PMVirtual Reality in the Academic Library. (In-person only)Eastern Oregon University launched its virtual reality studio in 2022 thanks to an ARPA grant administered by the State Library of Oregon. Virtual reality, or VR, simulates experiences with the aid of technology, most commonly specialized headsets. The project began with an Anatomy and Physiology course in which students investigated the inner workings of human organs and systems in VR as a lab assignment. It has grown to include collaborations with History, Health and Human Performance, and other campus departments. This session will include demonstrations and advice on getting started with VR in the library, from headset acquisition to circulation.Mariah Manners, Sarah RalstonAcademic LibrariesIn-person only4/21/2023
2:00 PMWhat’s the Program Plan?  (In-person)Whether you’re returning from a programming break, starting work at a new library, or expanding your services, it’s always great to have a plan! We’ll explore some simple tools for assessing current services, identifying how you do and don’t serve different populations, and creating dynamic programming without overdoing it. This is about being intentional, not being burned out! Come ready to plan, think, and collaborate so you can leave with a plan to put into practice.Anna BrucePrograms and ServicesIn-person only4/21/2023
3:15 PMExhibits, Poster Sessions & Break (no conflict)All Conference4/21/2023
3:45 PM“Oh, No, We Went Viral”: Surviving Attention from Right-Wing Twitter  (In-person + pre-recorded)In 2022, a nightmare came true when Driftwood Public Library was targeted by Libs of TikTok and lived to tell the tale. Come hear our story, learn more about right-wing social media, and find out how DPL weathered the storm.Kirsten Brodbeck-KenneyPublic LibrariesIn-person + pre-recorded and available on-demand through the Virtual Conference4/21/2023
3:45 PM3D Printing in Your Library  (In-person only)Are you curious about 3D printing? We will be discussing the ins and outs of having a 3D printer in your library. This includes a look at policies your library should consider having, the cost of a 3D printer and all the supplies, whether to share costs with patrons, and what kinds of software are more effective.
Sponosred by Oregon Young Adult Network (OYAN)
Vanessa ClausingProgramming and ServicesIn-person only4/21/2023
3:45 PMA Book for Every Person: Presenting Your Collection to Improve Patron Engagement. (In-person + streaming + recording)Libraries want to connect patrons with the materials they need and be responsible stewards of their collections. This presentation will focus on how libraries can apply proven practices from the retail merchandising profession to create a clean, neat and easy to browse library collection that works for staff and patrons. Techniques for determining the best location for collections, how and where to do displays, and how to develop effective staff training materials will be addressed.Brian BallPublic LibrariesIn-person + streamed live + recorded for future viewing4/21/2023
3:45 PMEmpower your inner activist, empower your patrons – strategies for civic activism and engagement!  (Streaming live only)This workshop will inform you about why and how our country has overcome difficult times, identify key knowledge and strategies utilized to make change now, and provide a toolkit from which you can build your own – and help build your patrons’ – route to more civic involvement. There is an epidemic of not understanding about our civic/political processes and how to influence them. Let’s change that! If you would like a say in those decisions that affect your life and/or would like to help your patrons have a say – this is the workshop for you!
Sponsored by Support Staff Services (SSD)
Donna CohenSupport ServicesStreaming live only4/21/2023
3:45 PMLibrarians in Leadership: Beyond the Walls of the Library. (In-person only)In this panel presentation, you will hear from library staff who have taken on leadership roles in their communities. From leading city initiatives to deliberating with transportation officials; from developing plans to alleviate homelessness to becoming a City Manager, librarians bring a holistic view to problem solving, which makes them valuable leaders in many aspects of local government. Find out how your library colleagues have become involved in initiatives that have improved quality of life for community members, brought positive attention to the library and staff, and encouraged positive action in civic life.Jenny Berg, Hillary Ostlund, Abigail ElderLibrary ManagementIn-person only4/21/2023
3:45 PMOregon Youth Author Fair: Part 2.  (In-person only)Meet Oregon authors who write for children and teens! Authors and illustrators from across the state will be featured in this open house, author-fair style program that gives you a chance to talk directly with authors, get books signed, and learn more about what is happening locally with children and young adult literature.
Sponsored by Children’s Services Division (CSD)
Greta BerquistChildren’s ServicesIn-person only4/21/2023
8:00 PMPresident’s Reception  (In-person only)Join us for an evening of socializing, networking and fun! This is a great opportunity to unwind and get to know(in person!) your colleagues from around the State. Emceed by the fabulous Poison Waters, this rainbow-themed fiesta will feature music from proms throughout the years, a raffle, a no-host bar, and delicious snacks. We hope to see you there!Fun Activities and EntertainmentIn-person only4/21/2023
April 22, 2023
TimeSession NameDescriptionSpeaker(s)TrackTypeDay #
8:45 AMCurating Empathy: School Libraries at the Heart of Diversity and Accurate Representation in Social Studies Classrooms. (In-person only)As underfunded schools look for ways to support social studies instruction and support classroom efforts to better represent their communities, school libraries are a powerful ally for students, families, staff and teachers. Join two school librarians who have worked closely with social studies teachers, experts and advocates to improve the cultural representation within their libraries and classrooms. Be prepared to engage in interactive lesson ideas as we share best practices and resources with one another.Shana Ferguson, Mary-Catherine McElroySchool LibrariesIn-person only4/22/2023
8:45 AMMore Voices, Less Bias: Collaborative Collection Policy Writing. (In-person only)The collection council at Oregon State University Libraries began the process of updating policies. Instead of picking a couple of people to manage the work, the council invited all library employees to attend weekly collection policy writing meetings and opened draft documents for asynchronous comments. The intent was to increase the number of different voices to reduce silos, increase transparency, and support bias checking. Learn about this rewarding and challenging process that has benefitted from synchronous and asynchronous participation from all our library departments.Kerii Goergen-DollLibrary ManagementIn-person only4/22/2023
8:45 AMReimagine Professional Wellness with Oregon’s Statewide Library Resources. (In-person + pre-recorded)The statewide resources provided by the State Library of Oregon offer a wealth of content to help your library users and students, but did you know that they can help you too? From growing your skills and knowledge with easy access to library journal articles, learning software tips, or reading up on latest ways to lower stress in the work environment, these resources have you covered. Join us to find ways to improve your professional wellness and pick up some tips for getting the most out of these free tools.Stacey Knibloe, Arlene WeibleAdult ServicesIn-person + pre-recorded and available on-demand through the Virtual Conference4/22/2023
8:45 AMRekindle Your Social Media: The Basics, the Benefits, and the Best Ways to Avoid Burnout. (In-person only)This session is for those who are new to social media or who want to brush up on the basics. It will provide a wide range of knowledge that can easily be applied to any type of library and for staff at any level. Participants will gain an understanding of how to connect with their communities and the importance of doing so online as well as branding practices. The session will also cover the basics of scheduling posts and best practices for avoiding burnout and how to respond to difficult questions or comments.Sadie VervilleLibrary ManagementIn-person only4/22/2023
8:45 AMRepresentation Matters: BIPOC Voices in Kid and Teen Lit. (In-person only)We aim to represent the entirety of our community in our collections. Materials portraying BIPOC community members in positive, loving, and affirming stories are critically important. These stories offer mirrors and windows for all our readers. Panelists will share booktalks highlighting recent books representing BIPOC voices for kid and teen readers.
Sponsored by Children’s Services Division (CSD) & Oregon Young Adult Network (OYAN)
Isy IbiboDiverse CommunitiesIn-person only4/22/2023
8:45 AMWorkforce Development: Teen Internships at Your Library  (In-person + streaming + recording)Why should your library host a teen intern? Your community sees you as integral to workforce development and student success. Your staff build new skills as they lead, supervise, and support your intern. You are critically important in the life of an individual who will become a lifelong library ambassador. Your library gains new audiences excited to be part of the library community. You’ll leave understanding how to implement a teen internship that works for your community. This includes funding options, successful outcomes for teens, staff, and community members, and ways to share with local stakeholders.
Sponsored by Oregon Young Adult Network (OYAN)
Anna Bruce, Lorene Foreman, Greta BerquistLibrary ManagementIn-person + streamed live + recorded for future viewing4/22/2023
10:00 AMBreak – No conflict timeIt is encouraged during these times, if you have not visited the Exhibit Hall to visit with vendors, check out OLA Unit tables and posters that may be available, now is the chance to do so.All ConferenceIn-person only4/22/2023
11:00 AMDrawing It All Together: Activities to Reflect On and Apply Your Conference Experience. (In-person only)Bring your notes and favorite way to write as we close out the conference together. In this session, you’ll have a chance to reflect on what you learned and your hopes for the future before returning to the hubbub of library life. We’ll have a mix of written, conversational, and creative activities to choose from.Lindsay DelaneySupport StaffIn-person only4/22/2023
11:00 AMLibrary Advocacy: Pushing Through Inertia. (In-person only)Library Advocacy Student Interns at San Jose State University’s School of Information will highlight some of the special challenges library advocates face and what is being done state-wide and nationally to improve access to libraries, literacy, and school libraries run by librarians. This includes unique approaches to reaching potential supporters, being persistent, creating a nationwide GIS map on various library related datapoints, connecting movers and shakers in the library world through a school library summit, utilizing Alumni contacts, contacting PTAs, Little Free Libraries, and more.Rosa Pena, Linda Dami, Dr. Anthony Chow, Carlos BugarinLibrary ManagementIn-person only4/22/2023
11:00 AMLibrary STEM. (In-person only)Oregon libraries currently incorporate STEM in a variety of ways. Come hear different approaches to STEM from librarians and community partners.Greta BerquistChildren’s ServicesIn-person only4/22/2023
11:00 AMMAC Reads 2021 Becoming an Anti-Racist: One Community’s Journey. (In-person only)The MAC Reads community reading program is a long-time partnership between Linfield University Libraries, McMinnville Public Library, and Third Street Books store. Over the past years, many organizations have issued statements in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement and condemning racism. The MAC Reads partners decide to take direct action to address racism in our community. MAC Reads 2021 Becoming an Anti-Racist combined books, films, and virtual lectures to engage our community in the proactive work of anti-racism and challenging white supremacy.Ginny BlacksonDiverse CommunitiesIn-person only4/22/2023
11:00 AMWhat’s New in Narrative Nonfiction? Promoting and Sharing Nonfiction with Children and Teens. (In-person + streaming + recording)This session will share common award lists for nonfiction for children and teens as well as innovative methods for promoting, book talking, and sharing nonfiction titles with youth readers. We will explore book awards for nonfiction, online nonfiction author resources, and creative methods for displaying, sharing, and promoting nonfiction reading in classroom, school, and public library spaces.Marie LeJeuneSchool LibrariesIn-person + streamed live + recorded for future viewing4/22/2023
12:30 PMWrap-Up Lunch and Farewell with speaker Andy Mangels. (In-person only)Andy Mangels is the USA Today best-selling author and co-author of twenty-six fiction and nonfiction books — including Star Trek, Roswell, Iron Man, X-Files, Star Wars, and Young Adult tomes — and is an award-winning comic book anthology editor. As a pop culture historian, he has also contributed to international magazines and newspapers, and has scripted, directed, and produced over forty DVD documentaries and Special Features projects. In 2012, he was awarded the prestigious Inkpot Award for Achievement in the Comic Arts at Comic-Con International. He has written licensed material based on properties by Lucasfilm, Paramount, New Line Cinema, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Microsoft, Abrams-Gentile, and Platinum Studios. He was not only the first openly gay mainstream professional in the comic book world, but he was the editor of the award-winning Gay Comics anthology for eight years, and has hosted the Gays In Comics/Out In Comics panel at Comic-Con International since 1988. He is a member of the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers. As a youth, he was more excited to go to the library than Disneyland.Andy MangelsAll ConferenceIn-person only4/22/2023